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Concise Oxford English-Spanish-English Dictionary

This is an outstanding reference work by an illustrious Publishing House and a must-have for both the English and Spanish learner
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Britannica Concise Encyclopedia in Spanish

Get single click access to a large source of information in the Spanish language in compact format
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Vox Advanced Spanish- English-Spanish

Vox Advanced Spanish- English-Spanish is the right choice for Spanish and English students wishing to master use of these languages
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VOX Dictionary of Spanish with the spelling variations in use in Spain and Latin America

VOX Dictionary of Spanish with the spelling and use variations in Latin America and Spain – An invaluable tool to explore the versatility and richness of the Spanish language in the various Spanish-speaking countries
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VOX Encyclopaedic Dictionary

VOX Encyclopaedic Dictionary. An encyclopedic pool of detailed information on any relevant aspect of universal life and activity.
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Vox Compact Dictionary Spanish-Catalan-Spanish

Vox Compact Dictionary Spanish-Catalan-Spanish is a must-have linguistic tool for any Catalan or Castilian speaker or learner
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Vox Pocket Dictionary Spanish-Italian-Spanish

Vox Pocket Spanish-Italian-Spanish- A concise and accurate work, ideal for Italian or Spanish beginners in the study of these two languages
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Vox Essential French-Spanish-French Dictionary

An essential bilingual dictionary Vox French-Spanish, Spanish-French particularly designed for Spanish and French students.
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Larousse Compact Catalan-English-Catalan

A handy, valuable language learning tool for Catalan speaking, first-to-intermediate-stage learners of English
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LAROUSSE Universal Dictionary of the Spanish Language

LAROUSSE Universal Dictionary of the Spanish Language is designed to provide its users accurate and detailed information on the use of the Spanish language
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SIGNUM Spanish Dictionary of Synonyms

SIGNUM Spanish thesaurus is a rich inventory of words with the relevant synonyms and antonyms
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Michaelis Portuguese-Spanish-Portuguese Bidirectional Dictionary

Michaelis Portuguese-Spanish-Portuguese is the ultimate language resource for Brazilian learners needing to learn quickly Spanish and its numerous local nuances
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